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“There is no humane way to kill a whale at sea.”

We are Hard To Port

Hard to Port is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to work toward ending the commercial whale hunt in Iceland. Our organization was born out of a spontaneous tourist protest aimed at denouncing the inhumane killing of fin and minke whales off the Icelandic coast. This protest was followed by countless hours of hard work until in October of 2014 we were finally able to officially register Hard to Port as a non-profit organisation. Our headquater is located in Emden, Germany.

This is our mission

Hard to Port’s main objective is to build an organized and active community of nature enthusiasts, visitors and residents of Iceland who will jointly and individually lobby for an end of the annual slaughter of whales in Icelandic waters. Our first campaign goal is to establish a “whaler watching” programme. The purpose of this programme is to monitor the commercial whale hunt in Iceland. To this end, we will enable and support citizens in documenting the whaling activities in Iceland. As a community of like-minded and caring individuals our principal aim is to uncover the disturbingly cruel and well-hidden activities of the Icelandic whaling industry by means of whaler accompanying sea patrols. With the help of modern technology we will gather visual evidence that will be presented to the broader public in order to change the widespread misconception that killing a whale at sea can be a “humane” procedure. To debunk this myth will be one of our top priorities.

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How to help

Hard To Port e.V. is run entirely by passionate volunteers who dedicate their leisure time to this important cause. As a non-profit organization the success of Hard To Port’s campaign efforts greatly depends on donations.

If you think that our approach is worth supporting, we would appreciate any financial contribution that would allow us to extend and intensify our work in 2018. You can make a donation to our current Crowdfunding, through PayPal or via bank transfer.

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