Whale Vision

In the summer of 2021 Hard To Port held its first marine conservation exhibition in the heart of Iceland’s capital Reykjavík. During the week-long event, we invited visitors to learn about the  importance of whale conversation and to think about new ways of engaging with the natural world and  its non-human inhabitants.

The Whale Vision exhibition portrayed the human–whale relationship through thought-provoking and awe-inspiring visual storytelling. It brought together stunning photographs, beautiful artwork and unforgettable personal stories by conservationists, nature photographers, marine activists, artists and scientists that took the audience in Iceland on an informative and moving journey into the life of these iconic marine animals.

Exhibition contribution from Francis Pérez
Exhibition contribution from Shawn Heinrichs

“Coming eye to eye with an intelligent being like a humpback whale can be life changing for many people. The connection you experience when you look in the eye of a 40 tonne humpback whale can evoke so many emotions. Happiness, curiosity, empathy, we look into their eyes with questions with very few answers. it is a look of understanding and acceptance. The Humpback whales of Tonga have this effect on people and the ability to touch our souls.

Our oceans are vulnerable and the marine creatures that live in them face many challenges, connecting people with the ocean and its unique inhabitants is how we can protect them.” Words by Scott Portelli

Exhibition contribution from Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Our memorable public event wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of the contributors, who have trusted our organization with their incredible photography and artwork.

Exhibition contribution from Matty Smith
Exhibition contribution from Jasmine Carey

In its first year, Whale Vision was supported by the following contributors:

Photography: Francis Pérez, Barbara Veiga, Jasmine Carey, Jo-Anne Mc Arthur, Scott Portelli, Magnus Lundborg, Sara Rodriguez Ramallo, Adam Lau, Eric Cheng, Nick Hawkins, Matty Smith, Eric J. Smith and Shawn Heinrichs.

Art & Illustration: Martina Hoffmann, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Tracie Megumi and Stefán Yngvi Pétursson

All contributions can be seen on the exhibition’s Instagram page @whale_vision

Exhibition contribution from Sara Rodriguez Ramallo

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