The Whale Run Iceland

“Let’s create a world where whales are respected, appreciated, and celebrated.”

The idea of The Whale Run Iceland was born from the deep appreciation of the critical importance that whales play for the health of our oceans. The health of our oceans, in turn, is absolutely critical for the overall health of our planet. The aim of our future, educational and fun, conservation sports event is to encourage participants to get actively involved in the collective efforts to protect the natural marine treasures of Iceland.

Sport as a catalyst of positive change

We at Hard To Port believe that sport has the power to create positive change and to be an important catalyst for raising awareness about the need for whale and marine conservation. The synergy of sports, education and conservation can strengthen the efforts to protect some of the most fascinating and iconic animals that roam the oceans – the great whales.

The Whale Run Iceland will be a non-competitive event. Our focus lies on participation, inclusivity and the appreciation of nature. By joining our conservation run, you help to spread our common message and represent our collective call for strengthening whale conservation efforts in Iceland. Whether you finish the run first or last, everyone’s effort counts equally toward reaching our shared goal.

Postponed premiere

In light of the Covid-19 health crisis, we had to make the difficult but necessary decision to postpone our planned conservation sports event for the time of the pandemic. Given the magnitude and the severity of this unprecedented health crisis, it was the only responsible decision we could make.

Our team has gone back to the drawing board and picked up planning again for our first conservation “Leviathon” in Iceland.

Run with us into the future

Here are five reasons why we believe The Whale Run Iceland will become a success:

The Whale Run Iceland is an inclusive event that has the potential to reach all groups in society. It will allow people to interact, network and simply have a good time together, all under the banner of marine conservation.

The Whale Run Iceland will help to promote and enrich Iceland’s range of sustainable and respectful tourist attractions and activities.

The Whale Run Iceland will help along our society’s necessary transition to a more sustainable, environmentally responsible and ethically sensible society.

The Whale Run Iceland’s educative approach will help to positively shape public opinion on the importance of protecting marine wildlife.

If successful, the Whale Run Iceland has the potential to become an internationally recognized pioneering example of reconnecting people with nature in a responsible and fun manner.

To learn more about our planned conservation sports event, please visit our event page at and see how you can become actively involved.

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